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938 : Road Traffic Volume Malaysia 2008

This is the screenshot for the Road Traffic Volume 2008. The theme is “blue-ish”. You can read more info regarding the project here.

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662 : Road Traffic Volume Malaysia 2006

This is the screenshot for the Road Traffic Volume Malaysia 2006. You can read the project info here.

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1019 : Road Traffic Volume Malaysia 2009

If you wanted to know where is the highest traffic road in Malaysia, you need to get this cd. To get it, please proceed to the JKR building and please contact the highway planning unit.  As for us, we did contribute our help to integrate the raw data from the survey into cd, an interactive application that allow user to search and manipulate the data. We also include a new feature this year which allowing user to download the material into a PDF format.

Below are the screen shot design by Azrial.

1. Front Page

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538 : Biology Prototype MOE 2

There are time when everybody, I mean every design company go for the courseware project. This is because, the minister of education has a lot of budget to spent. Usually, the big or establish company will get the contract, and then sub-con it to the small company. So, at the end of the day, actually, the small company did the job while the big company sing a long.

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520 : Fraud Awareness Courseware

Maybank Learning Centre want to train their staff using the eLearning technique. Which is involve a courseware, must be interactive, catchy and most importantly, delivering the message.

The idea is to create a fun learning courseware since the content is boring. Well, who wants to learn about financial tech and term unless you are bankers and you have to go through it to pass an exam. So we propose a page by page cartoon to illustrate the content, which is a cheque fraud scenario. To make it localize, we use malay-english language for the script.

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