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1029 : Another happy rumours….

Last year we heard an unofficial rumors about 5 star…. this year it happens again, to another client. I suppose I have to check myself whether is it through or not. Either way… god is great. This is a print screen from one of our client’s tweeter.

1063 : The focus group

We actually been invited by the Pusat Zakat to consult on their new web image in term of branding, functionality and design. Thus, we went for the focus group that has been held in Port Dickson, on 3 – 4 May 2010. Thank god Hasni is with me so of course, Port Dickson is in his pocket.

Good Morning
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1063 : Portal Puzat Zakat, the launching

At last, our new revamped Portal Pusat Zakat Wilayah, can now be accessible to public via this domain : The portal has been launched by the minister Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom recently, during the ramadhan. The news has been reported in the newspaper a few days before aidilifitri. Below is the print screen from Utusan Malaysia.

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1068 : Prize Ceremony Day

Remember the Petronas Activity Book that we did for Petronas? Yes, the prizing ceremony was held at Petronas Bandar Baru UDA, Johor Bahru last week. ( May 21, 2011). We were invited to join the event, thus there we go!

Here are some collection of the event photo. To view more, simply click at the link and start Flickring!

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938 : Road Traffic Volume Malaysia 2008

This is the screenshot for the Road Traffic Volume 2008. The theme is “blue-ish”. You can read more info regarding the project here.

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