6049 : iCanvas : Prime Minister Augmented Reality Poster Pt 2

Ok, you already know the event, but still what is the innovative demo from us? While waiting for Aizil to finalize the iPad AR apps for tonight’s full rehearsal, I will explain a little bit on what will we share and demo to our dear Prime Minister tomorrow. Not Bersih demo ok, we are not Ambiga team. Not at all!

Overall, the branding for this project is “iCanvas”. The initial concept / idea or specific tagline for the project is ” Enjoy as Art, Experience in AR”. Means, you enjoy the  art by enjoying the AR. Something like that.  This is due to the usage of an artistic poster, a series of Prime Minister Images that connect with the iPad apps. Below are the sketches on what is the overall idea, the concept.



Download the apps, and then scan the Prime Minister portrait, an additional video content will be played in your screen. Using the Augmented Reality technology + Unity Coding, we develop the AR reader and compile it to the iPad Apps.  To understand more what the hell I’m talking about, below are some pictorial images that might help you understand more.

First, the series of the Malaysian’s Prime Minister.

The potrait

Take out iPad, load the apps, and this is the screenshot for the iPad screen. You will see a link button the the specific video. Upon clicking on the play button, a video will be played.

Screen shot from the iPad

Ok, now I will try to run a pictorial demo for more details on the actual artwork. First, this is the final poster for the event.

The poster

Second, using the iPad, focus on one of the PM. For example, Tun Hussien Onn.

Tun Hussien Onn

The video link will be displayed. Touch the Play button.

Screen shot from iPad

A video will pop up.

Lastly, here’s a clip of Mr. Tata, enjoying the AR in the lab, recently. I guess Mr. Tata can be a good marketing person for our secretgorup, one day…

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