1141 : PDB Technology Showcase 2011 Montage

This is a last minute project, awarded by the PDB for the Technology Showcase 2011. We only have less than 1 week to produce a 1 minute montage for the launching event. Luckily the branding for the event has been produced by another vendor thus this has cut short a lot of process. Using the same element and concept, we make it live, and animated.

Although we are now in a tight schedule since we are in the midst of developing KIMI animation, this type of short project has taught our junior team a lot of things on how to manage client, manage project and the most important thing : managing pressure. As for this I have to congratulate Fadzlee, Tata and Mr.G for the dedication and hard work to materialize the montage. Not to forget Azrial, the SITI apps designer.

The launching will somehow arrange like this :

1. The big boss will come upstage.
2. SITI apps will be activated from iPad, projected to the main screen.
3. The big boss will chit chat with the SITI apps.
4. SITI apps will launch the montage in 5 second.
5. The montage is played.

Basically, it’s a combination between live, apps and montage.

So this is the storyboard by Tata, after the internal brainstorm. The idea is the unification of the design element will invent a few tech typography, and finally the summary  text. It is simple actually but not that simple when you present it to Petronas. 😛


This is the SITI apps design (draft verison)…. cousin SIRI. :P. By the way, SIRI ( not SITI ) is the phenomenon apps after the iOS 5 launching, kinda butler or P.A apps for you. Check out the link below to undertand more on SIRI.

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