6025 : Mr.Gonjak Augmented Reality Prototype @ UPSI ICT DAY 2011

Remember the Starwars hologram? The one that they use to communicate between galaxy? The projected visual on a pad? The blue one? Well, we hope to see it in this life time one day, and of course… I wonder who will be the network provider then. But until that magical day happened happily later in future, we have to be creative on what we have today. In term of technology, we now can project visual or images from a physical marker but it can be only viewable from a screen. It is call AR, or Augmented Reality.

It’s a tech phenomenon nowadays and we are pushing our luck on its testing and deployment. Our first attempt was the KLCC 3D building, and a few month later, we finally find the best solution.

Thus, we’ve been invited to UPSI ICT Day for a short demonstration on what is AR. Using Mr.Gonjak from KayuApi as the content, the AR that we did was really a crowd puller. I wonder it is either because of the AR technology or it is because of the black Mr.Gonjak that triggers attention. But anyway, thank you for all who was very supportive and interested to view the demo.

The prototype  is a combination of 3 things. Interactive iOS App ( where you can click at Mr.Gonjak ), Animation ( and he start walking ) and AR ( where you can see it inside a screen but not on the physical marker ). The modeling was done purely  in 3DS Max while the programming was done in UNITY. Stay tune for more AR update, in the mean time, below is the animation test for Mr. Gonjak before being “AR-nised”

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