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This is a project to create a new portal for GEMS initiatives, under the Khazanah Nasional Berhad. GEMS, in a simple word – a 6 month training to enhance and prepare the unemployment graduate for industry and working life. Targeted to give exposure and elaborate their management and working skill through various kind of learning modules and activity. It’s fun really, and furthermore, you’ve paid to do it. So to all unemployment graduates, grab your chance today, for a better life!

By the way, here are the web screenshot that we have develop.


Our task it to design a portal that consist of :

– GEMS community : a one stop place for GEMS student to interact , equip with forum, chat and messages event student profiles
– About GEMS :  Information about GEMS, the agenda, initiatives and all the things you need to know
– GEMS Media Centre : This is like the online reporter for the initiative, full of video, pictures and press release
– Contact GEMS : Of course, contact info

And lastly, the application system where directly engage with the GEMS registration system back end for the new student, alumni and organization.

Below is another screenshot of the portal’s ranking in Malaysia. Currently is under 40 thousand in Malaysia.

Taken from the web : “The Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS) is a government capacity building initiative developed to equip graduates with commercially useful skills and experiences that will enhance their employability.

It is a programme developed with the purpose to mobilise human capital to support the country’s economic growth by reducing unemployment among graduates.”

For more info, click http://www.mygemsportal.com.my

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