Group Skype Testing

One of the best IM now that we currently, aggressively use is Skype. It is not just one to one video chat, but you can Skype in a group from a different place. For example, I’m in home at Kinrara, Zalee in his working crib in Serdang, Hasni in Secretlab Bukit jalil and Fadzlee is far away in Jakarta with ceweks.

The quality of the video is not bad, means you still can recognize who’s talking, so does the voice quality. Although sometimes there is an interruption such as visual lagging or disconnect, but so far I would suggest, Skype.

Below are the print screen of the group Skype. I’m thinking of launching an online campaign entitled “Online Meeting”. Imagine how much you can save for business if “Online Meeting” is one of our business culture. So far, by conventional – the maximum number of meeting in a day I have attend is 5 meeting in a day. It started from the early morning until the late night. Can we double our meeting using Skype? God willing.


Next is the fullscreen image.

For a record, here are the speed of the internet connection.

Hasni, Secretlab Bukit Jalil – 4 MB Streamyx
Razali, Serdang – 5 MB Unifi
Khairulazizi, Kinrara – 2 MB Streamyx
Fadzlee, Jakarta – 1 MB unknown






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