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At first, I learned that there are 3 things that co related while doing business. Contact, budget and service / product. You need to have these 3 things to close a deal. Ok. I will change the wording. Beside using contact, budget and services / product, I prefer : People you know, People you know must have a budget to spend and what you can offer to them based on their budget. So if you got all three of these items, then, you’ll have things to do. You have business. Else, you only have dreams.

For an instance. Relating to this job (1087 – techsense ), I have a contact. I have things to offer – our web. I also know that the client has the budget. So, I have 3 things in a row. So we proposed to them a few designs. They liked it and decided to proceed. We even have all the contents and images needed. But then…. something happened.

They changed their mind. Instead of outsourcing the web, they do it internally.

The proposed design by Razlan

So, what is the moral of the day? Why cant we proceed with the business although we have the 3 items in hand? I learned that I lacked another item in business ( for this project ), that is the most important things of all. The mother item of every item I have listed. The things that have been written in god’s hand even before I was born to this realm.

Yes, the fourth item is “luck”. I learned that no matter how close you are between you and the contact, or no matter how rich the contact was, or how perfect is your services, at the end of the day, you still need the “luck” item. A client that has budget can suddenly cancel the job because I dont know why.

A luck, can change you from zero to hero.
A luck, can elevate you to another chapter of life.
A luck, can increase your value in this realm.
A luck, can give you business.

But anyway, even though the project has been canceled, I learned something that is more valuable than the project value itself. Something you cant write in a quotation.

So what’s next?

I need to learn, how to attract luck. Anybody?

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