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I saw a movie trailer in Astro First last night, and it reminds me of our 2008 projects – the Jinhutan.com website. I was approached by a client, I couldn’t recall what was his name, but he was introduced to me by my dear friend. This indian guy, also, from MMU but was in management faculty before. Later that day, I met with the movie director, Mr. Jeff. If I were to list 10 passionate people I have met, then, Mr Jeff is in the top 10.

The project is to develop a movie website for the film. Although it was only a small budget ( that lastly went to a pro bono project) I accept the job because of the entrepreneurship spirit and a super high – passionate quality that I can see clearly from Mr.Jeff. We did discussed a few times in a few places, brainstorming on how the web should be and what is the message the web should deliver. I did learn some film tips and tricks and makes me think twice if I were to have a chance of producing film in the future. For that, I have to thanks Mr. Jeff.

I still remember, Mr. Jeff has told me that he has spent all of his resources (including his all time saving and family gold jewelery) just to make sure the film is on. What a big sacrifice a man can make. Getting financial resources is a highly challenge for a first time movie maker like him, but along the way, he finally manage to get some, although it’s cover only a few things. Anyway, below is the first sketches I did to impress them.

Next, is the final website by my designer, Razlan.

There is only one universal truth about what you do in your life, or what you do for your life. It is not how good your are. It is how good you want to be – Paul Arden.

If you want to be a film maker, then don’t be the best film maker in the world. The passion, discipline and determination ( my favorite 3 word ) of how you want to be a good film maker is actually the one quality you should have. Mr. Jeff’s personality has spark me this.

So, if you think that you want to do something for your life, it is not to become the best of what ever it is. It is to have the essence of how serious you want to do it.

I’ve met a lot of people saying that saying this, saying what he want to do, what he plan to do, or what he want to be. But then, the way he manifest it was truly a disappointment and was so NATO* to me…. for that, I am in deep sympathy.

We have a long journey to reach what we want, and what we always dream of. Don’t waste your precious time. Be a man.

NATO – no action talk only

Zizi & Jeffery, the director

Me & Mr.Jeff. Although the Jin Hutan Movie didn’t go well but deep in my heart, I believe Mr.Jeff will have his light one fine day.

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The Movie premiere in secretlab’s Flickr
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