6017 : KayuApi apps development

The innovative and amazing Aizil is currently in a super motivated mode, in quest of developing the first apps for Secret Innovation and KayuApi, the KayuApi apps. He demonstrates the process of apps coding to us and it is so thrilling and turn on. It turn out that Secretlab is suddenly so happening!

So what is it all about? The apps will be featuring the KayuApi chapters that currently taken from the Facebook. The additional material is to add some new panels including animation shot between the existing comic. Arif Rahman will responsible for the animation part. Apart from that, there will be a new feature call “Track Mr.Gonjak!”. This feature enable fans to track where is Mr.Gonjak currently is, and who ever can meet Mr.Gonjak eye to eye will receive a special gift. User also can track Ginji, the Gnah and the space rocket.

So when will be the apps ready? Since Dato Steve is currently on leave, well we have to wait for him to approve the apps soon. So watch out guys!


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