IKEA certified 3.0

Majority of the furniture in Secretlab, is from IKEA. It is not about luxury or status because if it is, we prefer Lorenzo, Rozel or whatever stylo-mylo. It is more on practicality, simplicity and design. But do remember, not all of the IKEA stuff is durable and long lasting because most of the things will damage throughout times.

To achieve that level, I mean, to understand the truth of IKEA, you first must be certified with IKEA 3.0 status. We have identified our secret family and devided them from IKEA 1.0 to IKEA 3.0 level of expertise. For example, some can install and build the puzzled Expedit rather than the simple Billy. That is the different and passion that I meant.

The evaluation of skill is not just how hard to assemble the thing, but it is also include how many to assemble. For instance, picture above, both Razlan and Azrial manage to install six lack within half day. Good job guys!

Anyway, recently, I discover that one of the secretlab’s member is surprisingly has achieved IKEA 4.0 certification. This is because he manage to tell me not just where is the location of the things in IKEA, but also he knew the specific price of that things! FYI, the arrangement of the IKEA things is changing periodically. For one to memorize this pattern is such a rare and gifted!

Rumor has been told that this guys is a few step away from being IKEA staff while he was jobless a few years ago.

But anyway, I’m looking for an IKEA 5.0 certified and to achieve that, one has to succeed on installing Stolmen in my room. I will award you guys this highly honorable award of life time. Last, for those who fail to be IKEA certified, I have something to inspire you.


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