882 : UPSI Website, 5 Star by MDEC

I would like to congratulate to my beloved secretlab team that has been working so hard and sacrifice a lot, focus and passionate even days and night towards the realization of the new web UPSI. Also, not to forget to all UPSI technical and management team that has been helping us throughout the process.

From my unofficial informer, UPSI website has been rank 5 STAR by MDEC. If the info correct, only 2 university that manage to score 5 star. It is still unknown to us that whether the web is number 2 or number 1 from all university web ranking.

We have to wait for the official announcement but anyway I am so happy to hear this unofficial news. Again, I would like to congratulate all of us for what we have done. May this achievement inspire us to give the best to our client.

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