538 : Biology Prototype MOE 2

There are time when everybody, I mean every design company go for the courseware project. This is because, the minister of education has a lot of budget to spent. Usually, the big or establish company will get the contract, and then sub-con it to the small company. So, at the end of the day, actually, the small company did the job while the big company sing a long.

That’s ok, because we don’t have to go to the big meeting with minister. Means, we can concentrate on producing courseware rather than wasting time in a meeting. But there is slightly one problem. We don’t hear the exact thing that the minister wants. We hear it from the big company aka the project manager.

At the end of the day, we keep redo and redo. So that is courseware all about. Redo.

Anyway, below are the list of interface that we screenshot from the prototype CD, which we did for Teliti Computer. It was a form 4 biology courseware. Anyway, we lost the pitch but its a good project since we are paid doing prototype.

The page inside the CD can be bookmark so that it can be viewed at the exact page later time.

Next, the cd has PDF extension to load more document related to the syllabus.




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