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KayuApi T-Shirt

Azrial is designing the new KayuApi t-shirt. Well, this is of course towards the preparation for the Animation Showcase and any future event. Well it’s a voting time, which one will be the one?

9002 : KayuApi New Poster

We are currently designing the new poster of KayuApi. You can buy this poster from our Facebook or this web in a few weeks time. We still in the progress to finalize the price and postal / delivery process. Stay tune for more updates!

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1068 : Prize Ceremony Day

Remember the Petronas Activity Book that we did for Petronas? Yes, the prizing ceremony was held at Petronas Bandar Baru UDA, Johor Bahru last week. ( May 21, 2011). We were invited to join the event, thus there we go!

Here are some collection of the event photo. To view more, simply click at the link and start Flickring!

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1068 : Petronas Activity Book

Lord of thunder and universe, I’m thankful to you for giving us a lot of opportunity to have a job that is not boring, a client that is full of wonder and kindness. Also, a good paymaster. For the opportunity we have, for what we are today, I’m thankful and happy in every breathe and second. Ok, enough on spiritual writings, now I present to you, our latest non interactive job – The Petronas Activity Book.

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1027 : The sticker is now safe in Pahang

Although it is only a car sticker, it might be a sign of my return to Pahang. I joke about it and tell my wife this : “Lord of the ring – The return of the kings”.

So finally, the sticker is ready for the event. It is actually a free gift for the MOU event. Below is the newspaper cutting for the MOU.

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