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1141 : The rehearsal day


About the iPad visual

The rehearsal day for the montage launching. For more pictures, browse our flickr set here.

1141 : PDB Technology Showcase 2011 Montage

This is a last minute project, awarded by the PDB for the Technology Showcase 2011. We only have less than 1 week to produce a 1 minute montage for the launching event. Luckily the branding for the event has been produced by another vendor thus this has cut short a lot of process. Using the same element and concept, we make it live, and animated.

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Tips : Montage and launching

Secretlab has been developing montage since 2005. Some of the montage has been launch by  Yang Dipertuan Agung and some by the Prime Minister. Some has been aired in national television, while some has been used in the government event.  Luckily we got that “rare” chances and I think it’s time for me to share some useful tips in Montage Business.

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1074 : Waris Seni 2010 Launching Montage – Script

We just deliver the 2 minute montage for the Showcase Wariseni 2010 that was held at Legend Hotel a few week ago. Although there was a few challenge towards delivering this job, Azrai Fahmi as the main lead for Secretlab has made it tremendously success.

It all started with a telephone call from MTIB ( Malaysian Timber Industry Board ) in the last few weeks of Ramadhan. Together with Zalee, we went there for a briefing and we did some short presentation of our portfolio. We then sent them a quotation and they agree with no hassle. Read more »

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