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KayuApi T-Shirt

Azrial is designing the new KayuApi t-shirt. Well, this is of course towards the preparation for the Animation Showcase and any future event. Well it’s a voting time, which one will be the one?

Secretgroup new logo & branding

Azrial just finished the deployment of branding for all group. Based on Mr. Aizil’s Secret Innovation logo, we agreed to apply different color scheme for all new secret group companies.

Except for KayuApi and Ungufxmedia, there is some unexplainable exception for them. Eheh, actually, it is because they don’t have secret word in front of the company. That’s all.

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New Signboard by the good hearted landlord

Our dear landlord has sponsored us a company signboard. By this, means, it’s a combination of all tenant’s company name in one signboard, installed at the ground floor of the office, beside the steel door.

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KayuApi Logo

Every studio has it’s own logo, below are KayuApi Set of logo, with trademark.

The first draft

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