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9001 : True strength lies within our heart

We had a chance to pitch our idea to MDEC early this year. Hence, the KIMI project is now in progress. Yes, after a lot of challenges and problems developing this first IP, at last, we being given an opportunity to share our story to the world. Officially, Kimi of Heart Island is now in phase 1 – Pre Production.

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9002 : Hi (Spirit)


/Hi/ is the first symbol in Buni group. It has the same function with the vowel /i/. The symbol /Hi/ represent spirits.

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9002 : Part I : The Symbols

The Introduction of Pre-Human Civilization Symbols.

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Inub, Imub and Tignal are the three basic components of the pre-human writing system. Get familiar with these characters. We’ll elaborate more on each character next.

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