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9017 : Post Morterm

Habis sessi presentation, Arif Rahman terus turun ke bawah
We would like to thanks to UNIKL Animation Dept @ Animation Addict for the 2 days animation showcase. It was a great pleasure to be there and a good exposure for us to market our company. It was also a good scouting event for KayuApi to find new talent/animators. We wish all the best to all the animation undergrad students and good luck for your challenging future.

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6025 : Mr.Gonjak Augmented Reality Prototype @ UPSI ICT DAY 2011

Remember the Starwars hologram? The one that they use to communicate between galaxy? The projected visual on a pad? The blue one? Well, we hope to see it in this life time one day, and of course… I wonder who will be the network provider then. But until that magical day happened happily later in future, we have to be creative on what we have today. In term of technology, we now can project visual or images from a physical marker but it can be only viewable from a screen. It is call AR, or Augmented Reality.

It’s a tech phenomenon nowadays and we are pushing our luck on its testing and deployment. Our first attempt was the KLCC 3D building, and a few month later, we finally find the best solution.

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9017 : Event – UNIKL Animation Showcase

We have been invited for a student interview session for UNIKL Animation Showcase 2011. The date and the venue as follows:

Date : 14 & 15 November 2011
Venue : UNIKL Lobby
Time : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Thus, our KayuApi team will be there for the showcase. Interested candidate / student to join KayuApi team, meet us there! Oh ya don’t forget to bring you portfolio in DVD format & full resume.

Random web info & pictures : Animation Showcase 2008

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9007 : Go Higher

3D model progress by Rock

The water-powered rocket used by Mr. Gonjak to bring firewood to the sun.

9007 : Go Deeper

 3D model progress by Rock

The name ‘Ekan de Laot’ is taken from the Malay language ‘Ikan di Laut’ which means ‘fish in the sea’.

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