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1141 : The rehearsal day


About the iPad visual

The rehearsal day for the montage launching. For more pictures, browse our flickr set here.

1141 : PDB Technology Showcase 2011 Montage

This is a last minute project, awarded by the PDB for the Technology Showcase 2011. We only have less than 1 week to produce a 1 minute montage for the launching event. Luckily the branding for the event has been produced by another vendor thus this has cut short a lot of process. Using the same element and concept, we make it live, and animated.

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1029 : MATRADE, before revamp

Below is the previous MATRADE website before we revamp it to the current version. There are too many content to read, too many things to see and too many things to tell. Our challenges is to simplify everything. To simplify an international level government agency is not easy as you think. They have thousand of pages of info and moreover,  the audience of the website is global, including local. For a summary, this website is for everybody in the earth that want to venture business in Malaysia, and for everybody in Malaysia, to venture a business out there.

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1029 : The MDEC Assessment Report

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1029 : It’s official, 5 Star for Matrade… congrats!

As seen in Matrade’s website, yes… it’s official. Congratulation to secretlab team and matrade team.

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