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Money Pocket 2012

Tata, our 2D Artist has come out with a new design of this year’s money pocket. It has Kimi in Baju Melayu with Duit Raya, Cupa with Songkok and followed by Nyunyu. There will be a minor amendment where Nyunyu needs to bring a jar of cookies. This money pocket is not available for sales, for promotion only.

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6018 : Mr.Gonjak Collectible Figure in the making Pt 5 – PRE ORDER

We did received some feedback and questions on when is the actual date for the Mr.Gonjak Collectible figure available for sale. Well, I guess on behalf of KayuApi, it’s a long way to go. The fastest is around this January 2012 and the latest maybe June 2012. But anyway, for KayuApi fans and future fans out there, kindly please submit your PRE ORDER now so we can estimate the pricing and the production!

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6018 : Mr.Gonjak Collectible Figure in the making Pt 4

The figure has been detail up for a few days, but still, it doesn’t achieve the perfection level yet. Thus, there will be not much update on this week since we going to focus on enhancing the surface and touch up all the little cracks. In the mean time, here are the updated picture and video. Enjoy!


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6018 : Mr.Gonjak Collectible Figure in the making Pt 3

The process continue…. here are some “Kayu Balak” that was hand picked by Mr. Zalee from the beach. I forget where is the location.

The kayu balak...

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9017 : Post Morterm

Habis sessi presentation, Arif Rahman terus turun ke bawah
We would like to thanks to UNIKL Animation Dept @ Animation Addict for the 2 days animation showcase. It was a great pleasure to be there and a good exposure for us to market our company. It was also a good scouting event for KayuApi to find new talent/animators. We wish all the best to all the animation undergrad students and good luck for your challenging future.

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