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The Petronas PitStop Apps is now ready to be downloaded from the App Store. Congratulation to both Secretgroup and Petronas team for the effort and hardwork, in manifesting the apps from concept to end product. On behalf of the Secret team, I would like to express my greatest thankful and appreciation on the trust, motivation, cooperation and chance for allowing us to share our expertise on developing apps.

You can read all the details from the news excerpt Bernama, Utusan Online, Mobile88, and few other website. Just google for Petronas PitStop.

To download the apps, here is the QR CODE, taken from the PetronasBrand Facebook.

QR CODE to download from iTunes

Apps : Front Page

Apps : Menu

Apps : Map

Apps : Station Detail

Apps : Filter Stations

Personally, 5 things that i like about this apps :

1.  You can now take the Petronas Station as the landmark for meeting friends. Find the nearest Petronas Station around you, send the GPS code using  sms to your friend.

2. If you are looking for ATM, specifically which bank…. say, Maybank…. just filter the services and you’ll find the nearest one that attach to the station.

3. On festives season… can’t wait for the favorite Petronas TV Ad? We have PetronasTV – the youtube channel inside.

4. If you are running out of gas, you can immediately compare which is the nearest station from your location.

5. And last, if you really – really out of gas, stuck in the road, find the nearest station and start call for help!

Stay tune for more features as we are now currently updating for the next release. Enjoy! –> More picture in our Flickr

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