6018 : Mr.Gonjak Collectible Figure in the making Pt 2

More updates on Mr. Gonjak Collectible Figure, by day sequence :

Day 2 : Still in the raw sculpting mode. The basic form of Mr. Gonjak.

Mr Gonjak Day 2

Day 3 : More detail on facial and hand and feet and….

Mr Gonjak Day 3

Comment from Mr.Zalee for more detail and some amendment.

Comment & Amendment

Day 4 : After baking in the oven.

Mr Gonjak Day 4

Day 4 : The workspace

Mr Gonjak Day 4

Day 5 : Polishing the surface

Mr Gonjak Day 5

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2 Responses

  1. niceeee…

  2. hehee..tengok mockup plastisin biru tu. dr tangannya ke atas, dah kebawah dah. lembik!

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