1063 : The focus group

We actually been invited by the Pusat Zakat to consult on their new web image in term of branding, functionality and design. Thus, we went for the focus group that has been held in Port Dickson, on 3 – 4 May 2010. Thank god Hasni is with me so of course, Port Dickson is in his pocket.

Good Morning

After 2 days of brainstorming, we finally manage to conclude and suggest a comprehensive solution for the website. Our idea is to prioritize the content base on user. The idea was is to simplify the process of paying zakat for the user. Thus, we propose to have a step by step button that is “kira, bayar and semak” or count, pay and check.

This button must be bold and big enough for user to see at the first glance of looking at the website thus will guide and lead them to understand and provoke what to do ( which, please pay the zakat ).

We come in peace

Another main revamp is the content restructure which is we separate to 3 column, under the 3 tab. Under the “kira” tab (count), the content theme is “WHY”, why you need to pay zakat. Next, under the “bayar” tab (pay), is “WHAT”, which is what is Zakat actually. This will enhance the user’s understanding on Zakat. Last, under the “semak” tab (check), we propose to list out all of the form and guidelines for user to fill and check on their zakat stuff. Below are the web structure for Zakat that we propose on the 2 days retreat.

Below are the messages / reflects that we want user to subconsciously programmed in their mind will looking at the website. It is actually the reason why we put the content in term of the arrangements.

This is the sketch that we manage to design in one night before we present it to the focus group on the next day. Thank god, they love it very much!

Next, we came back to the secretlab (office) and Razlan has done a good job to redesign the web structure I and Hasni did.

After few time of meetings and amend, this is the final web that you can access from the portal www.zakat.com.my. Congratulation to both Secret.familia and Pusat Zakat for the projects. Although it took almost 1 year to launch the web due to some server problems and such, I hope that our small effort can increase the zakat collection towards the muslim progression, spiritually and financially.


For more pictures on the retreat program, kindly browse our flickr.


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