1068 : Petronas Activity Book

Lord of thunder and universe, I’m thankful to you for giving us a lot of opportunity to have a job that is not boring, a client that is full of wonder and kindness. Also, a good paymaster. For the opportunity we have, for what we are today, I’m thankful and happy in every breathe and second. Ok, enough on spiritual writings, now I present to you, our latest non interactive job – The Petronas Activity Book.

Ok, we had a lot of fun doing this project. It is an activity book for pre school children. You can get this book from Kedai Mesra (Johor, Melaka & Negeri Sembilan ) for RM 2.20 only. Opps,,, I’m sorry, maybe it is out of stock already. Their aim is to sell this book during the last school break so that on their journey back to kampung, children can do some funtivity ( fun + activity ) in the car, rather than sleeping or making annoying sound and give headache to parents.

So what is inside? There are 13 activities like matching game, word puzzle, find a way, spot the different…. bla bla bla… but anyway, the idea we sell them is like this : There are 3 types of activity.

1. Activity that can be done on the book it self – One time only
eg. Maze, Help find a way, Spot the difference, Connect the dot, Coloring Page, Word Search, Matching game, Crossword, Sequence Game

2. Activity that can output from the book, using the book as material – One time only
eg. Cut and fold,

3. Activity that can be replicate even without the book – Unlimited time
eg. Origami, timetable, Recycle Craft, Checklist, Cooking Time

So Zalee did all the drawings, ADAM & SUZIE ( they like this so much and I hope ADAM & SUZIE can become somebody in Petronas one day) …. Yuseri settle all the printings & material … Norfa design the activity while Adex do the last compilation & layout.

Here is the final front page after a few round of amendment and cric session.

The center spread, a coloring contest that might get your children a PSP!

Below is Zalee, checking the finest printing quality by Yuseri, yes of course…. every each of us have the critical sense of thinking, checking and maximum quality of control before we deliver to client.

Next, the day that Yuseri show me the sticker quality, fresh from the factory. Mmmmmm….. nice.


Next, a screen shot from the presentation I made during the pitch day. Thank you Dato Steve for the tips and trick.

Last but not least, a video we did for reference on how to fold the F1 car, of course, if it is a game, this is the final stage of all – building your own F1 car. The hardest of all….. ( I love to give the idea of challenge even tough for pre school )


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This book in MyMesra Web


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