1027 : Moh weh ke Pahang – Evolution of design

The only thing that we must remember, or take caution when we hear the word “Evolve” is : The Effect. If it is from negative to positive, then I would say it’s good to have. Else, if it is from positive to negative, then welcome to hell. As we are in the design industry, we cant escape from the evolution process. It is a process to achieve perfection of a design, thus, “evolve” is a must. It started from an idea, manifested into a sketch, then development of design, colors and branding, bla bla bla…. adding and subtracting….  until the end of the design process – the product.

So, I got a call from Pahang yesterday. We got a new assignment. We need to create a car sticker that promote the tourism of Pahang. The campaign, “Let go to Pahang” or in malay, “Jom ke Pahang” or in local slang, “Moh weh ke Pahang” is to invite people to visit Pahang.

Since Zalee is in Ipoh ( outstation ), thus I wrote him a short email and then follow up through telephone.

Below are the first sketch from Zalee upon receiving my call.

After a short discussion, I email back to Zalee the details of top places in Pahang.

It turn out there are more cute characters added by Zalee

I then add the Pahang Tourism Logo and the “Moh ke Pahang” typo. I email back to Zalee.

Next, we add some details such as tea leaf for Cameron Highland and roller coaster track for Genting Highland. We then email the final design to our client in Pahang.

The client is happy but there is slightly a small change. It turn out that Genting is not under Pahang administration thus we change it to Bukit Fraser. This means Zalee need to add more birds and the famous clock tower. For the typography, we need to ad the word “weh”. It is a local slang.

So, this is the final design, complete with typo. Yay for all especially for our 2 days of sleepless night!

So what are we waiting for? Let go to Pahang!




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