520 : Fraud Awareness Courseware

Maybank Learning Centre want to train their staff using the eLearning technique. Which is involve a courseware, must be interactive, catchy and most importantly, delivering the message.

The idea is to create a fun learning courseware since the content is boring. Well, who wants to learn about financial tech and term unless you are bankers and you have to go through it to pass an exam. So we propose a page by page cartoon to illustrate the content, which is a cheque fraud scenario. To make it localize, we use malay-english language for the script.

There are 10 cases of do’s and another 10 cases of don’ts. Which mean, the user will see the don’ts cases first then they see the do’s cases next. By comparing what to do and what not, they will finally understand what they have to do and what they should not do.

Since we are using cartoon and a straight forward script for the conversation, we hope we can simplified the financial technical term and finally make them understand and make the learning fun.

Last, tribute to the black scammers :

And don’t really trust Pak Aji with a decent white kopiah.

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